Sneakherheads is the final project to complete my undergrad thesis. Through this visual book, I address how sneakers are agents of social change. Originating as a purely functional object in the sports world, to emerging onto the Hip Hop scene in New York City, to transcending all boundaries of the modern fashion world. Due to its historical origins, the sneaker has always been a symbol of masculine expression. Because the sneaker industry inherently caters to men, the female market provides little diversity in product, size runs, and colourways and overall, a lack of female footwear designers. Brands often launch designs for women created by men with what they think we want to wear. Sneakherheads was created with the purpose of inspiring more women to participate in sneaker culture and breaking females free from common misrepresentations as the overtly sexualized accessories to sneakers or as sexless-tomboys. The book highlights interviews with seven Canadian female sneakerheads and their personal experiences in the male-dominant space.

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